Thursday, June 30, 2011


Choices--they are a good thing?
It's nice to have them but it does let you see the cost of things.

Now I am NOT complaining--but I have started to see what choices have given and
cost me,
in small ways.

For example --summer vacations.
From 1997-2008 we went to Maine every summer.
It was beautiful and wonderful.
Hubby's parents rented the same house and people would come and go as they wanted.
We took the kids every year.

We loved it.
The house felt like ours, we knew the routine, we new the area, we saw the same people.
It was tradition.
It was a big part of my daughter's childhood.

What we didn't do in the summer was travel.
We didn't see the National Parks or go out west, something I really wanted to do.

So now we are planning a trip out west and we aren't sure if my daughter will be able to go.
She may be working--she is at the age.
Granted she traveled with her camp the last 2 summers,
but this trip may be without her.


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